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FCJMESH-009 Ranking Digital Rights: Keeping the Internet Safe for Advocacy

Nathalie MarĂ©chal Ranking Digital Rights Project doi: 10.15307/fcj.mesh.009.2015 The Ranking Digital Rights project is creating a system to evaluate the world’s Internet and mobile companies on policies and practices related to free expression and privacy in the context of international human rights law. In this article, project researcher, Nathalie MarĂ©chal, talks about the ideas and […]

FCJ-195 Privacy, Responsibility, and Human Rights Activism

Becky Kazansky Tactical Technology Collective Introduction Tactical Technology Collective (Tactical Tech) is an international Non-Governmental Organisation focused on supporting the effective use of information in advocacy. Tactical Tech has spent a decade listening to, documenting, and responding to activists’ privacy and digital security needs and challenges across the world, often in contexts where the free […]