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FCJMESH-011 : ‘We don’t work with video, we work with People’: Reflections on Participatory Video Activism in Indonesia

M. Zamzam Fauzanafi Kampung Halaman doi: 10.15307/fcj.mesh.011.2015 In this article Indonesian visual anthropologist and co-founder of Kampung Halaman, Zamzam Fauzanafi, reflects on what he has learnt through almost a decade’s experience of using video technologies to support grassroots activism. He argues that while technologies will always change, what matters is a deep understanding of how […]

FCJMESH-010 : Getting Open Development Right

Zara Rahman the engine room 10.15307/fcj.mesh.010.2015 
 In this article Zara Rahman, from the engine room, explores tensions between the activist motivations that are driving the use of technologies in Open Development and the rights and aspirations of vulnerable people and communities. She discusses how we might and why we must resist the push for […]

FCJMESH-009 Ranking Digital Rights: Keeping the Internet Safe for Advocacy

Nathalie Maréchal Ranking Digital Rights Project doi: 10.15307/fcj.mesh.009.2015 The Ranking Digital Rights project is creating a system to evaluate the world’s Internet and mobile companies on policies and practices related to free expression and privacy in the context of international human rights law. In this article, project researcher, Nathalie Maréchal, talks about the ideas and […]

Issue 26: Entanglements – Activism and Technology

During the 2009 post-election protests in Iran, YouTube proved useful for raising awareness and mobilising people; but later, the Iranian government used these videos to crowd-source the identification of protesters. Activists used Skype to communicate during the Egyptian uprising thinking it was safer than the terrestrial telephone system; however, when they examined files from the […]

FCJMESH-008 Solutions for Online Harassment Don’t Come Easily

Jillian C. York Electronic Frontier Foundation doi: 10.15307/fcj.mesh.008.2015 When popular technologies are being used to work against people, it is natural we look for solutions. But what if there is no perfect solution? In this article he Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Jillian York, examines how social media harassment […]

FCJMESH-007 Our Enduring Confusion About the Power of Digital Tools in Protest

Ivan Sigal and Ellery Biddle Global Voices doi: 10.15307/fcj.mesh.007.2015 Since 2005 Global Voices has supported thousands of writers, online media experts and translators to share stories across borders and languages. Many of these stories have covered digital activism and protest around the world. In this article Ivan Sigal and Ellery Biddel share what they’ve learnt […]

FCJMESH-006 From Information Activism to the Politics of Data

Maya Indira Ganesh and Stephanie Hankey Tactical Technology Collective doi:10.15307/fcj.mesh.006.2015 Tactical Tech has a decade of experience supporting the use of information and digital technologies to support rights activism. They say that in this time they have witnessed a radically altered information eco-system thanks to an explosion of new technologies, a dramatic rise in technology […]

FCJMESH-005 Technology and Citizen Witnessing: Navigating the Friction Between Dual Desires for Visibility and Obscurity

Sam Gregory WITNESS doi: 10.15307/fcj.mesh.005.2015 WITNESS has been training and supporting rights activists and citizen witnesses around the world to use video for over 20 years. Since this time they’ve trained people from 100 countries, supported successful advocacy campaigns and advocated for innovation in human rights technology. In this article, Program Director at WITNESS, Sam […]

FCJ-197 Entanglements with Media and Technologies in the Occupy Movement

Megan Boler OISE/University of Toronto Jennie Phillips OISE/University of Toronto Introduction: Fighting Fire with Fire: Entanglements between Corporate-Owned Platforms and Activist Social Media Practices The digital era has seen activists around the world use social media platforms and information and communication technologies (ICTs) for social movement organising. Activist uses of corporate-owned social media platforms (from […]

FCJ-196 Let’s First Get Things Done! On Division of Labour and Techno-political Practices of Delegation in Times of Crisis

Miriyam Aouragh Westminster University Seda Gürses New York University Jara Rocha Bau School of Design Femke Snelting Constant Association for Art and Media Introduction This paper emerged from a workshop that formed part of the 2014 Thinking Together Symposium, held at the Osthang Architecture Summer School, Darmstadt, Germany. [1] It draws from conversations between the […]